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Fleggybobs are a fluffy, scruffy bunch who recraft rubbish, create ideas and connect the world with C.A.R.E and a bit of chaos!

Fleggybobs are a fairlydissfunctional, diverse bunch of creative, confident, resilient and resourceful little creatures. They thriftily reuse and recraft rubbish, sing magic songs and believe in the circle of C.A.R.E. They freely connect the world around them with kindness while solving problems with imagination, courage and unfortunately a little bit of chaos!

With a magic midnight flullaby, a fleggtastic filosophy, an unconditional filanthropy, the ability to flonk and flummage, they enable children to follow in their floppy footsteps.

Those who believe they have a fleet of Fleggybobs living under their floorboards or in old school attics experience out-of-the-box ideas in the morning, a give-it-a-go attitude, a sudden need to recycle, random acts of kindness, a warm feeling towards others and an unshakable self-belief.

WARNING: As well as these lovely things you will also experience strange sounds at night, trashed bins, chewed or missing things and odd stuff reappearing in random places at random times often gift wrapped!